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Make money from your website with Brandzend International.

Team up with us and you could start earning extra income from your website. It’s so easy!

All you need do is to display one of our banner advertisements that will link visitors from your site to ours. As a reward, we’ll give you up to 5% of every sale that occurs on a click-through from your site. (Commission applies to sales on consumer site only.)

We supply a series of regularly updated banners for you to choose from featuring our Clearance Sales, Special Promotions, Extended Size Ranges and Seasonal Collections. By becoming a Brandzend affiliate, you’ll enjoy an association with one of the world’s most trusted online clothing retailers, renowned for quality, value and outstanding customer service.


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Earning commission with Brandzend International.


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Affiliate and Referral

Affiliate and Affiliate Tree

You customer can become affiliates also our you can have others as your affiliates.

We track the email and do it all for you.

Affiliate and Referral

Commission Rates

2 - 5.00% of sales on

Affiliate and ReferralMake A Commissions On Your Affiliates

Affiliate and Referral

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