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Remedies to remove the skin tags

At first, to define skin tags; skin tags are small, skin-coloured growths which hang off the skin. Sometimes, they are also called soft wards or soft fibromas. Almost every one of us has these skin tags. Although these growths do not cause medical complications, they are annoying and irritating.

Is Iodine Good for Skin Tags?

For a more extended period, it has been debated if iodine is good for skin tags. It can be said that iodine is an adequate and secure remedy to dispose of skin tags. The instructions of this remedy say that you should apply it to the area which is affected twice in a day for some time.

How to Use Iodine for Skin Tag Removal

There are a lot of different approaches on how to remove skin tags. Of course, some of them are more effective than others. Consult a specialist to choose the best and the most effective remedy for you. Iodine is considered to be one of the most effective solutions. Only after a few days of using it, the skin tags are removed.

How to remove skin tags with iodine

What you need:

For this treatment you do not need many things; in fact, all you need is:

  • Iodine tincture,
  • a dropper for applying iodine on the skin and
  • Roll of bandage or duct tape to seal the tag.

It is worth to be mentioned that this product has antiseptic properties.

How to Apply Iodine on Your Skin Tag:

Be aware that you should not apply iodine on your healthy skin. In order to avoid this, you can rub a coconut oil barrier into your healthy skin. Thus, the area that is surrounded by this growth stays clean of iodine.

After this, fill the dropper with the iodine. Next, apply it on your skin tag and seal the growth with the roll of bandage.

It is recommended to do this twice a day until the skin tag is removed.

Does Iodine Work on Skin Tags?

The chemical element iodine kills germs other kinds of growths. When it is applied to the area which is affected it causes the skin cells to get off safely.

When to Apply: To have better results, you should apply iodine twice a day on the area which is affected.

Skin tags are benign, noncancerous tumours of the skin; they are harmless and don’t cause pain. However, patients should not pull off these tags because they can infect or irritate the area. If you try to pull it off, you will cause much bleeding, and you may feel pain and discomfort and even leave yourself with a scar. If you are looking for a safe remedy, iodine is the best choice for you. You will see the first results only after a few days of using it.


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