Molekule Home One Air Purifier

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Molekule Home One Air Purifier

BrandMolekule Style.Air Purifier

Molekule Home One Air Purifier

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Finally, an air purifier that actually works.

Until now, air purifiers have attempted to collect pollutants on filters where they can multiply and be released back into the air. Molekule’s revolutionary nanotechnology destroys pollutants at the molecular level.

HEPA filters can’t trap small pollutants.

Many harmful pollutants such as Viruses and VOCs are smaller than 0.3 microns. HEPA filters can’t remove any of them.

Mold and bacteria live and grow on HEPA filters.

Pollutants trapped on HEPA filters can multiply and be released back into the air you breathe.

The Molekule Air Purifier works using a 2-stage filtration process. The first filter is a pre-filter that captures larger particles like dust, pet hair, and allergens but let’s smaller particles like VOCs and mold pass through. These smaller pollutants are then caught on our PECO-filter that is coated with a proprietary catalyst. Together with low energy UV-A light, these pollutants are oxidized into trace amounts of components that already exist in your air like Nitrogen gas, water vapor, and carbon dioxide. You can find the our results summaries from rigorous scientific experiments that prove the effectiveness of the PECO technology, and attached in each link are the original reports from third-party laboratories.

  • Bacteria, Mold, and Virus Destruction
  • · VOC Destruction
  • · Ozone Destruction
  • · Respiratory Allergy Symptom Reduction

Some notable talking points from Molekule lab testing results:

  • Molekule is very good at destroying small and dangerous pollutants from the air. Independent results show, at a minimum, a 4-log (99.99%) reduction in bioaerosol concentrations. With mold we saw a 5-log (99.999%) reduction in the concentration of spores from the air before sent through the device.
  • While previous technologies claimed to destroy pollutants, a closer look showed that they produced ozone as a byproduct. Molekule doesn’t generate ozone and actually breaks it from your air.
  • Just 90 minutes with the device running in a chamber, results show that the Molekule reduced dangerous VOC levels to undetectable levels.

These tests were performed in a laboratory, but we also went out and created a medical study to have real-world results and prove effectiveness. This study was recently published in the journal Allergy & Rhinology. In addition, we are in the final stages of real world testing with Intertek, and will have those results available in the coming weeks.

You may ask how these scientific results translate to consumer benefit. Crisp, clean air is a huge benefit for everyone. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, Molekule removes all types of triggers from the air such as PM2.5 and 10 particulate matter, pollen and allergen protein, pet dander, dust and more. Molekule also helps with individuals suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity by reducing the VOC concentrations in your air. For people living near a highway, or areas with heavy pollution, Molekule removes many of the harmful components of that air as well.

Now onto some of the technical specifications:


Number of Speeds


Sound Level


Power Usage

25 - 80 watts

Pollutant Range

Down to 0.1 nanometers (1 x 10^-10m)

Microbial Inhibition

Yes, in addition to bioaerosal destruction filters have anti-microbial properties

VOC removal

Yes, toluene, formaldehyde, and other organic airborne chemicals

Ozone Emission

No and additionally breaks down Ozone

WiFi App

Yes, iPhone and Android — also includes Bluetooth connectivity.

Coverage Area

Up to 600 square feet

Dual-Filtration System

Molekule comes with two filters: A Pre-Filter and a PECO-Filter. The Pre-Filter captures larger particles like dust and pet hair and slows down VOCs on their way to the PECO-Filter. The PECO-Filter is coated with our proprietary catalyst that breaks down VOCs, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants at a molecular level when activated by light.

Filter Subscription

Molekule’s $189/year filter subscription ensures replacement filters deliver to your door when needed. Each pack contains a PECO-Filter, to be replaced every six months, and two Pre-Filters, to be replaced every three months.

Whisper quiet

Because of its unique technology, Molekule is extremely quiet compared to conventional air purifiers.

Energy efficient

Molekule doesn't rely on big, high-powered fans, making it energy efficient without compromising its effectiveness.





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