Give Aways

Brandzend’s CSR

Leave it better than we found it,” is Brandzend philosophy when it comes to running their business. This also describes Brandzend’s commitment to social responsibility.

Note that we are correctly moving/updating our website with the new environmental and social responsibility However since our early days, we’ve focused on doing the right thing for our employees and our customers.

We continue to make every effort to be an ethical company where people want to work and shop.” We are decided to create a CSR program that had a lot of employee help.

We have interviewed many employees and customers to find out what matters most when it comes to social responsibility. Based on their input, we have build a comprehensive strategy and they narrow their focus to four key elements that we call “pillars.

Supporting Communities, Sustaining the Environment, Protecting Human Rights and Caring for Our People we are a company that actually is socially responsible.

Supporting Communities:

Some of the new program that we are sponsoring in 2018/2019 includes.

WRAGS Bed Warehouse is a non-profit organization that provides good quality used beds as is to those in need, and cleaned, sanitized used beds to those on social assistance. fresh meals and delivery for the needy and more.

Sustaining the Environment:

One of Brandzend’s social responsibility pillar is designed to give back to the diverse communities where they do business. When “supporting communities” we have six areas of focus; including Ten 4 U, Global Social Development, Nonprofits, Supplier Diversity, United Way, and Community Giving.

The next CSR pillar that Brandzend’s has is focused on sustaining the environment. We realize that almost every aspect of the retail business affects the environment in a negative way. We strive to reduce or eliminate harmful impacts as much as possible. An important element in helping the environment is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce their carbon footprint we have been working to increase energy efficiency throughout facilities and to increase product transportation efficiency. To guide their process Brandzend’s participates in the Carbon Discloser Project (CDP). The CDP works with companies worldwide to track and share information about greenhouse-gas emissions. Since joining forces with the project they have reconfigured packing and loading practices to transport more products in fewer shipments. They also participate in the Environmental Protection Agency’s ‘Smartway’ shipper program that helps work with carriers to reduce fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions. In addition, they increased oversight and maintenance of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems to ensure top-line efficiencies. This results in fewer carbon emissions from energy use and they continue to upgrade lighting and other energy-consumption systems to achieve higher- energy efficiency.

Protecting Human Rights

The next pillar that the company follows to maintain a successful CSR program is the protection of human rights. Brandzend Int. strives to ensure that the workers who help manufacture their products globally have rights that are protected. Brandzend has Partnership Guidelines that each manufacturer must follow. They operate on routine audits of manufacturers to ensure that Partnership Guidelines are followed. During an audit, they join with independent third-party monitoring companies to review and assess surroundings, compensation and working hour documents. They also collect input from workers and manager. New vendors are reviewed and compliance levels are assessed before we approve any facility for production of Brandzend aka (BE)-labeled merchandise. However, since Brandzend Product Group only represents a small portion of the merchandise that they offer, the company also works closely with the branded vendors who provide the products offered in stores. In addition, Brandzend is involved with the Business for Social Responsibility’s Apparel, Mills and Sundries Working Group to make an effort to know manufacturing performances. They also have created remediation plans if the manufacturers are not complying they want to help them fix problems before terminating relationships. Although, if they are unable to successfully remediate any unethical and unlawful labor practices they do end business with the producer.

Caring for Our People:

The next pillar that Brandzend uses is focused on caring for their people.

Our people are our greatest asset, and we believe social responsibility includes a commitment to creating a workplace that offers great benefits, fosters growth and a long-term career and upholds diversity. One of the ways that they try to show their care to employees is to create a diverse environment. Brandzend also offers comprehensive and flexible benefits to employees their families. We also offer dental and medical/vision health benefits. The company offer income protection programs. We also offer retirement and savings programs, profit sharing, employee stock purchase plan and more.

For us a huge portion of being a socially responsible corporation is treating our employees outstandingly and Brandzend is a company who does just that and more.